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Which wedding shoes are best for me?

One of the most wonderful things about finding the person you are going to marry is that you can be your most authentic self with that person, so it only makes sense that when you begin to plan a wedding you want that same authenticity to shine through.

Wedding couples today take care to choose things that represent them as a couple for their wedding celebrations, right down to the colours they choose for décor to the dessert served!

And, through the past few years I’ve noticed a quirky and delightful trend with many of my brides:

I don’t do heels.

It’s true that many brides dream of the day that they get married, but they also have a strong sense of being true to who they are, and who they are when they are with their loved ones on their wedding day.

Instead of feeling pressure to put on the blingy heels, they decided not to because it’s just not them. So which wedding shoes are best for you?

It’s about finding something comfortable.

Unless you wear heels regularly, you probably don’t find them to be the most comfortable or practical shoes. Like a beautiful race car, they aren’t designed for off-road antics like walking through fields or across beaches for photos! And as we are very blessed here in South Wales with places like the Gower and its spectacular beaches these things are worth considering.

bride jumping on sandcastles at Oxwich Bay in her pink trainers

As well as having heels for the formal parts of her day Emily chose these amazing pink Addidas Gazelle’s for her wedding, knowing exactly this:

most comfortable wedding shoes uk

Vikki chose the most amazing purple glitter Doc Martens, for her wedding shoes:
“I had my DMs mainly because of our venue. I knew I wanted photos on the beach and in the woods and there was no way I’d make it walking in my “normal” shoes to either of those places in October. “Oh and comfort!! They were waaaaay comfier than my heels, hence why I stayed in them for the majority of the day 😂”

Doc Martens for your wedding day

It’s about fun and enjoyment

Most of my couples enjoy the experience of choosing and putting on their wedding outfits, and having their hair and makeup done; whether it’s being pampered or just spending some relaxed quality time with friends and family.

But, the idea of wearing shoes that you may not even see under your dress just doesn’t appeal to everyone, so which do you choose?

Having shoes that you can move easily in means not worrying about tripping or falling and being able to jump and dance all night long! And really, aren’t they just fun to look at?

Charlie who was married at the King Arthur Hotel in Gower, said this about her shoes:
“The reason I wore Converse was that contrary to how the rest of me looked, I’ve never been a girly girl, my mum struggled to get me in a dress when I was younger…I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing heels all day. I wanted something comfortable and they needed to be flat (or else I’d be taller than Dan!)”
Charlotte and Dan married at the King Arthur hotel Gower

“I always knew before I even had a groom that my wedding shoes one day would be Converse because I thought it would be fun and different. The fact they were sequin was an accident really, I found them online when I wasn’t even looking and thought they’d be perfect!”

comfortable bridal shoes uk

It’s about being true to who you are.

Your fiancé fell in love with who you are. If you love a stylish stiletto and you want to rock that all day and night at your wedding, then go for it!

Photography-wise, I want you to know that whatever is right for you is the way to go. You can choose to wear heels for the formal part of the day and don the Docs when it’s time to hike out into the woods if you want to mix it up.

Or, you can opt for what feels right for you all day long; funky trainers, custom wedding Converse, bedazzled Docs or…dare I say it, wacky wellies, always a good choice for a Welsh wedding!

Steph spends most of her days in boots and when it came to her wedding she saw it as a chance to get something special that she would enjoy afterwards as well.

best wedding shoes for brides

“I wear boots almost all year round, as they’re just so comfortable, and as I’m quite an outdoorsy person they’re really practical. I didn’t want to buy a pair of shoes that I wouldn’t wear again and didn’t really feel like me as a person.”

best wedding shoes for brides

Coral had a pair of gold sparkly heels and her Doc Martens to wear later at her woodland wedding. But after popping the Docs on to have a quick photo in the garden she decided she was going to rock the Docs all day.

wedding heels and Doc Martens
bride wearing Doc Martens on her wedding day

Whatever you choose, we’re going to make some memorable photos.

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