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Wedding photography review 2021.

Like everyone in the wedding industry, I couldn’t wait for everything to get ‘back to normal’ for 2021. Yeah, that didn’t go to plan either. In 2020 I shot one wedding before Covid19 struck and everything shut down. The rest of my diary became a scrawl of ink trying to rearrange dates for everyone, once, twice even three times by the end of the year. The best I could do was to keep in touch with everyone and help as much as I could to make date changes as stress-free as possible.

As a side note, throughout 2020 I didn’t hang up my cameras or start drinking gin. I became a home DIY ninja, giving our home one lockdown makeover at a time, which then gave me something to photograph. You can see that craziness at Our Crafty Home on Instagram, our lockdown puppy appears from time to time too.

So roll on 2021 and it became obvious the restrictions were not going to change especially within the hospitality industry, so pretty soon the first five months of my diary bookings moved again. My first full ‘normal’ wedding, which had still gone through date changes and venue changes finally went ahead at the end of May. From that point on everything was at full speed. This slide show is a look back at my favourite wedding moments from the last seven months. Not just the exchange of rings, or the first kiss, or the couple portraits, but all those little moments that have always been important to capture, but this year they felt even more precious.

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