I know we are now pretty well established into 2018, but I couldn’t possibly do a round up of my favourite images from 2017 without my last couple of weddings of the year. A lot of the weddings featured will be added as blog posts in their own right over the coming weeks.

This collection is not for other photographers or even to show couples how their day could look, it’s the moments that got me, and, I hope these moments will have the same effect on you. It’s the little look, the shocked expression, the wobbly lip, the second the light hits just right or the moment something happens that won’t happen again. Some of them are just shots that I feel “yes, that’s them, for the little time i’ve known them, THAT’s them”

I would also like to take this chance to say thanks. Thanks to all my brides, grooms, families, friends and to all the suppliers and the venues that were fantastic throughout 2017.

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